Maltby KE4 Tour + Iron Heads

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  • Maltby KE4 Tour + Iron Heads
  • Maltby KE4 Tour + Iron Heads
  • Maltby KE4 Tour + Iron Heads
Price: $21.99


Maltby KE4 Tour + Iron Heads have had a subtle redesign over the best selling original KE4 Tour 2012 version vaulting the iron head into the Ultra Game Improvement category. The finish and cosmetics have also been upgraded to produce one of the best looking irons in both the bag and at address ever introduced into the Maltby line.


  • ”Tour” design features less offset and a minimal top line and sole widths
  • Manufactured from heat treated 431 stainless steel for a soft, solid forged feel
  • .370” hosel diameter
    Satin-mirror finish eliminates glare, increases finish durability and allows for loft and lie adjustments
  • Free weight wrench with set of 8 purchase

Product Specs:

4 Iron 23º 60.5º 247g 0.135″
5 Iron 26º 61º 254g 0.125″
6 Iron 29º 61.5º 261g 0.115″
7 Iron 33º 62º 268g 0.110″
8 Iron 37º 62.5º 276g 0.110″
9 Iron 41º 63º 284g 0.110″
Pitching Wedge 45º 64º 291g 0.100″
Gap Wedge 49º 64º 291g 0.100″
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