HZRDUS Smoke Shafts

HZRDUS Smoke Shafts

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  • Project X HZRDUS SMOKE BLACK Driver Shafts - Graphite - .335 Tip

    Project X HZRDUS SMOKE BLACK Driver Shafts - Graphite - .335 Tip

    Project X

    MSRP Price: $200.00
    Price $129.00
    Introducing Project X HZDRDUS Smoke Black HZDRDUS Smoke Black is merely the next generation in the Project X HZDRDUS line. The Smoke provides a combination of low launch and spins in a profile that preserves the HZDRDUS reputation. Also, the Smoke...
    MSRP Price: $200.00
    Price $129.00
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    MSRP Price: $200.00
    Price $129.00
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A Few Things about Project x HZRDUS Smoke shafts

HZRDUS Smoke Black Shaft

The HZRDUS Smoke Black looks almost identical to the original HZRDUS black series, however, they come with some notable modifications. The hazmat placard is still one of the most enticing components, revealing the shaft's weight, torque, flex, and also spin attributes. What's brand-new is the base shade in the color of the shaft, which is now charcoal grey instead of matte black, and also the bolder "HZRDUS" graphic.

Another notable difference worth mentioning is the handcrafted graphic that is on all HZRDUS Smoke Black shafts. According to Project X their stock shafts and aftermarket shafts are the same in all respects. The Smoke black provides a smoother feel than the original black shaft because they offer higher torque and stiffness.

HZRDUS Smoke Green RDX Shafts

If you are looking for a turn your head, eye-catching design, the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green RDX has very prominent aesthetics which are similar to earlier Project X shafts. The HZRDUS branding is prominent across the middle.  A hazmat placard with the shaft’s specs is located just below the grip. Installed with the logo downward, this shaft is completely graphic-free.

Where the Smoke Green RDX differs from previous versions, and earlier members of the RDX line, is in the base coloring.  The Smoke Green RDX shafts offer a beautiful rich green in the upper half to solid black in the lower half. From a visual perspective, the HZRDUS Green shaft stands out the second most boldly with the only exception being the Gamma PVD finish Smoke Green shaft.

HZRDUS Smoke Green Shaft

Until recently, all of the shafts in the HZRDUS series have been rather plain to look at. If you want your shafts to stand out with an amazingly shiny finish, the Smoke Green GAMMA PVD is worth taking a look at. With purple and blue coloration at the tip, the rest of the shaft length is such a shinny green that you can't help but stare at it. The branding on the HZRDUS Smoke Green is standard to all HZRDUS line shafts with a little more flair.

HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX

I'm sure that you have heard the expression like a rock and that would be one way to describe the HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX. The Black RDX is a solidly built well rounded shaft with a consistent feel without any harness or boardy.


The HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX is another real eye-catcher with similarities to the older yellow series. Some of the most notable features include its counterbalanced weight and heavier feel. Though it has a soft midsection, both the butt and tip are stiff and give the shaft a nice kick during impact.

HZRDUS Smoke Yellow

While the HZRDUS Yellow line has been around for quite a while, the Smoke Yellow series kicks it up a notch with a black matte finish with yellow graphics. Like other HZRDUS Smoke series, the hazmat placecard displays just above the branding. They can also be installed logo up or down like the rest of the SMOKE line according to your personal preference.

HZRDUS Smoke iM10

Project X also gave the HZRDUS Smoke iM10 shaft a unique and bold look with an accented green color. Along with the standard branding, these shafts offer a new iM10 logo as well as a nice sleek and clean look. The logos can be turned down during installation or if you want to go big and bold, the logos can be installed facing up.

Flex, Weight, Flight, and Spin information can be found in the description area for each Project X HZRDUS Smoke shaft on their product pages here on our site!