Graphite Design Hybrid Shafts

Graphite Design Hybrid Shafts are a professional quality shaft that will allow you to custom build your hybrid clubs. Hybrids have become much more popular in recent years and they are like an extension to your irons. While their design generally takes characteristics of both irons and woods the finished product or the "hybrid" is actually quite different than both.

The Hybrid is generally used in place of long irons. Many players find hitting a long iron to be very difficult and this is why the Hybrid club is gaining in popularity. Graphite Design Hybrid Shafts are performance based and offer the player a great deal more control, distance and accuracy. There is a huge performance difference between cheap box store shafts and high quality shafts.

Often, players think they need to correct their swing and they practice and practice only to achieve little or no results. The reality is that they are using cheap shafts that will never allow the golfers game to mature. This is something that premium Graphite Design Hybrid Shafts can help with. They have plenty of forgiveness during off center strikes and they are built from aerospace grade carbon fiber to be lite and durable.

When you buy your Graphite Design Hybrid Shafts from Tour Shop Fresno, along with heads and grips, we will make your custom club or clubs for free. Our professional club makers  have many years of experience in building custom, high performance golf clubs. Just choose your parts, order and then call or e-mail us with the order number and your specifications and we will begin assembly. We are still adding most of our products here to the online store so if you are having trouble locating something just give us a call at: 559-271-2024 most likely we just haven't had a chance to list it yet.