Nippon Fairway Wood Shafts

Nippon Fairway Wood Shafts

About Nippon Fairway Wood Shafts

Nippon Fairway Wood shafts are one of the most popular models among golfers and for a good reason. Namely, they are one of the few types of shafts that can truly be considered ultra-lightweight. A group of Japanese experts created Fairway shafts by cutting the driver down to the correct length. This provides the user with more control over each game. They offer a brand new golfing experience: skillfully crafted golf clubs that are sure to improve your games.

Nippon Fairway Shaft Features

  • direction-focused and stable
  • specially built tip section
  • reinforced tips that can endure any impact
  • highly improved natural flex

What brings in a new element to the shaft craftsmanship is the use of DMC: Deflection Modular Control. This innovative design makes for fuller, more comfortable swings. Moreover, it allows for an increased carry distance. To supply that, we offer R, S, and X-Stiff flex options. Finally, Nippon Fairway Wood shafts are a part of the exclusive NxFit Studio program

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