Graphite Design Fairway Shafts

Trying Graphite Design Fairway Shafts in your fairway-clubs for the first time can give many golfers a sense of aww. The reason for this is because typically many players will buy pre-built stock fairway woods which often come with cheap and low quality shafts in an effort to keep costs low. However, once those players finally try a custom club with premium shafts like Graphite Design Fairway Shafts understanding of what they've been missing comes crashing in on theme in an instant.

Golfers often get used to hooking their shots off into the trees when they strike slightly off center and they just assume that the problem is with them and not the club. This is where most players are very wrong because most of the time it's the cheap shafts. Fairway clubs need premium shafts just like the high end driver shafts that should already be on your drivers and in your back.

Seeing that there was an issue here and that golfers didn't want to pay driver prices for their fairway metals, Graphite Design built some fairway specific shafts made from the same material and of the very same high quality as their driver shafts but with a price tag that is about 35% less. Now you can build your custom fairway clubs using Graphite Design Fairway Shafts without paying exorbitant prices.

Additionally, Tour Shop Fresno will help you even further  in your savings buy building your custom clubs for free! Yes, you heard correct, by buying your Graphite Design Fairway Shafts here on along with the heads and grips, then we will make your club or clubs free of charge to your exact specifications. Just order the parts then call us or e-mail us with your order number and specs. We are still loading thousands of products to our online store here so if you are unable to locate something you need here, please contact us, we probably have it. We can be reached by e-mail using the contact us link found here in the bottom of this site or you can reach us by phone at: 559-271-2024