Chichibu Shafts

Chichibu Shafts

Renew With Chichibu Shafts

So, what's so special about Chichibu Shafts you ask? Well, for starters, they are a premium ultra-lightweight wood shaft. Also, they're named after the city in Japan where Graphite Design has their main office. Loaded with options to fit any players profile. With four flex options and weighing less than 45 grams, players can achieve more distance through an increase in club-head speed.

These fantastic graphite shafts were specifically designed for players with driving speeds of 60 to 85 MPH. High launching is achieved from a low kick point coupled with a soft tip. Chichibu Shafts produce a mid ball spin rate and increase distance. Thin aerospace grade carbon fibers are used to handcraft these shafts and maintain very tight tolerances. The outcome is a shaft with optimal feedback and unmatched response.

Made in Japan, the Chichibu is one of the most high-quality shafts on the market. Trying to match the superior performance of these woods has only been accomplished with a handful of other golf shafts.

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