Nippon Hybrid Shafts

Nippon Hybrid Shafts

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Amazing Nippon Hybrid Shafts

Nippon Hybrid shafts represent a new advancement in golf technology and equipment. The idea of lightweight and strength used to not exist. However, a team of Japanese engineers has recently developed a new type of steel that debunked this myth. They succeeded in combining strong and light materials to create a steel shaft unlike any other on the market.

Nippon Shaft Features

  • world’s lightest steel shaft
  • easy to handle
  • pliable
  • allows exact swings
  • provides stable trajectory
  • improves distance and direction

These hybrids differ from other steel shafts because of their bend and a kick. Also, the groundbreaking materials that were used to make them. We find that they feel and perform very close to carbon fiber shafts. However, what sets Nippon Hybrid Shafts apart is the control and the accuracy of the steel. Playing these high quality shafts in your games will feel like a whole new experience.