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Nippon Putter Shafts

Nippon Putter Shafts

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Steel Nippon Putter Shafts

We are happy to present you with a putter that combines a deluxe look and feel with the trademark Nippon weight and stability. We know that this shaft will bring more confidence to a golfer. After all, using Nippon Putter shafts results in lower strokes on your short game, every time. Further, these outstanding shafts are a part of the NxFit Studio collection, which identifies them as high quality.

Nippon Steel Putter Shaft Features

  • available in .370 or .355 tip
  • allow for a more consistent putt
  • make for longer, more accurate rolls
  • reduces unwanted hand movements

Nippon Putter shafts are meant for players who seek not only optimal quality and results but also a superior design. While they present a product of advanced progress in the world of golf, they retain a classic, steel look. As a result, we have a line of high-performance golf shafts that will help any players game.