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Nippon Driver Shafts

Nippon Driver Shafts

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    N S Pro WT6000 Driver Shafts - .335 Graphite - Nippon NXFIT

    MSRP: $159.00
    N S Pro WT6000 Driver Shafts allow for faster swing speed and fit oversized heads.Controlled trajectory even with fast swinging players and hard impacts.The N S Pro WT6000 is a light weight graphite that increased club head speed.Increased carry distance...
    MSRP: $159.00

Experience Nippon Driver Shafts

With Nippon Driver shafts, we are finally able to fulfill a longstanding goal of many golfers: to achieve maximum distance. These shafts are an ingenious blend of steel and carbon. As a result of this unique combination, we have a sensitive, yet highly controllable shaft. With its firm tip and soft middle, this shaft was designed to hit as straight and as far as possible. If you decide to try out these shafts, you will experience flexibility in a whole new light.

Nippon Shaft Features

  • double elasticity
  • decreased ball spin
  • optimized launch angle
  • powerful carry
  • premium grade carbon fibers

Nippon engineers made sure that these Driver shafts are consistent and accurate with every swing. As such, Nippon shafts offer many flex options, ranging from R, S, and X. These options allow greater carry distances, and match to a players profile based on their swing speed. Furthermore, the fact that the most Nippon Driver shafts are a part of the NxFit Studio program should seal the deal.