Accra Driver Shafts

Accra Driver Shafts Are Top Of The Line Premium Quality

Golfers love Accra Driver Shafts for their high quality design and stability. The Accra line of driver shafts are built using DyMatched technology and evolved to Carbon Weaved Fiber. The DyMatch approach proved to be nothing less than extraordinary. By keeping a consistent bend profile throughout the entire product line club fitters are able to keep golfers on a consistent flex while further testing with various weights. The Accra line of shafts can lot be found in of the shelf stores because of their high line of quality. Therefore Accra shafts can only be purchased from top quality club fitters, as well as, Accra authorized dealers. As an authorized Accra dealer we carry a full list of Accra brand shafts. Furthering shaft evolution in the Tour Z models Accra uses Kevlar and High Modulus Composite materials for even better stability.