Project X Iron Shafts

Project X Iron Shafts

Best Project X Iron Shafts

Project X Iron Shafts are either graphite or steel, and they are built for strength. It is made to deliver incredible power to any swing, even if it's a less than perfect swing. These shafts improve your golf game and make you look like one of the elite players. Project X's goal is to provide an extremely stable shaft that offers maximum consistency and distance control.

Catalyst Iron

The key to any iron shaft is material symmetry. And Project X Iron Shafts did just that. By working with only the finest materials, they were able to get a very consistent shaft much like that of steel. But, these are much lighter and easier to use than steel golf shafts. Quality shafts combined with the understanding of the golf game will make the shaft torque less in less than perfect shots, allowing you to have a tremendous overall golfing experience.

The Catalyst Iron offers a reinforced tip section that will help deliver with a torsional resistance, should you have a less than perfect shot. All of the above mentioned is their way of having your back and letting you shine, even in those less than perfect moments.

Project X LZ Steel Iron

If you are looking for distance in your swings without sacrificing stability and control, then the Project X LZ Steel Iron is the shaft for you. This particular design boasts a stiffer tip and grip section. The added stiffness allows for more energy to be created and delivered to the ball. Thus giving you a greater controlled ball distance with every swing.

These Project X iron shafts are a very stable low spin design. They are preferred by many touring professionals in the golf world. These golf shafts offer a feel that is unique and provide higher energy transfers from the club to the ball. And, they will get you the best distance for your swing. Try Project X Iron Shafts at your next golf tournament, and we are sure you won't be disappointed.