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Nippon Wedge Shafts

Nippon Wedge Shafts

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Pro Quality Nippon Wedge Shafts

Nippon Wedge shafts are a premium novelty. They were designed with operational ease in mind. Then built with the use of Multi Heat Technology. These Wedge shafts deliver a reliable, enhanced performance. And although made from other popular Nippon shafts, they are also covered with ION plating.

Top Nippon Wedge Features

  • premium steel upgrade
  • first-class short game performance
  • available in three standard weights (105, 115, and 125 grams)
  • extra spin control
  • wall thickness adjusting technology contributes to high-level stability
  • low, mid, and mid/high launch options

Thanks to their flex options (R, X, S), Nippon Wedge shafts meet the needs of various player profiles. The different weight options allow players to choose the shaft that best matches their style of play. This is why Nippon shafts have quickly become the default choice of many tour players. In the end, it’s worth noting that some of the wedges are only available from NxFit Studio dealers, which makes them an exclusive brand.