Graphite Design Shafts

Graphite Design Shafts are one of the winning-est most played graphite composite golf club shafts on all Professional Golf Tours. The distinctive graphic patterns and colors are very easy to spot when you watch any Professional Tournament and you will see that they are being used by the very best players in the world.

Graphite Design shafts are designed and manufactured in Japan, to very tight tolerances, using the best selection of space age composite materials available.  Graphite Design shafts are imported and distributed in North America exclusively by Pros Choice Golf in San Diego, CA.

They are expensive, but worth the money!
The materials used in Graphite Design Shafts, are among the lightest and strongest resin systems and composite materials developed specifically for the golf industry. These space age materials are very thin, which allows the shafts to be manufactured with many more layers to precisely control the weights, flexes, torques, and bend profiles. More layers work just like the difference between tearing one sheet of paper versus trying to tear a phone book in half.  

The special composite weave patterns used are applied in crisscrossed layers to add additional strength and create highly stable loading(bending), and unloading(snap through); the result is extremely efficient, responsive and greatly improved accuracy and distance for players of all skill levels.

The whole process creates greater strength, improved consistency, faster swing speeds and therefore more accurate and greater distances.

Tour Shop Fresno offers all the Graphite Design Shafts as shafts only, or custom built by Beeco Golf - Tour Shop Fresno, as "Ready to Play" driver, fairway and hybrid shafts,... built the way you want them, or in irons and wedges. Whether you need your clubs re-shafted or want new clubs, we use high quality, high performance heads like Miura and Alpha.