Golf Heads

Golf Heads

We Provide a Large Selection Of High Quality Golf Club Heads

Choosing a the right golf club heads can be an essential part of of a golfers over all performance. Since every players profile differs it is recommended that a golfer visit a testing center for analysis. Once it is determined which clubs the player is hitting best then further tweaking and fine tuning can begin. Our golf club heads are from the top golf manufacturers and are what most players are seeking after the club fitting phase. There are benefits to buying your golf club heads from an authorized online dealer once you have been fitted. A few benefits of shopping with Tour Shop Fresno include :

      More cost effective than normal retail stores

      Self help forum

      Top of the line quality golf heads

      We will build your golf club for free when you purchase the shaft, club head and a grip together

 Miura Club Heads are Possibly The Top Brand

The Miura forged heads are possibly the best golf heads ever made. However, a set of Miura clubs is for the more experienced player and would not be recommended for novices. We specialize in customizing Miura clubs and we are always available to answer your questions and listen to your needs. If you are considering upgrading to Miura golf club heads you may consider learning more about Miura heads here. As I touched upon earlier these are not suitable for a complete amateur. Actually, that's kind of a humerus thought, would you put a driving student in a high performance racing car? Of course not the out come would certainly be pricey with no advantage to the player.

Some Featured Golf Heads and Their Advantages

Both Alpha golf club heads and Swing Science golf club heads are both a favorite among professional golfers, as well as, regular golfers. Alpha boasts that their RX Launch Driver would be a nice fit for novices looking to gain longer drives. Though don't be fooled because Alpha has golf club heads geared towards amateurs because plenty of professional golfer have Alpha clubs in their bags. Swing Science has been in the golf industry since September of 2001 and they certainly know a few things about golf heads. Swing science has a broad reach and can be found in several countries including the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Several club heads came from Swing Science engineers such as the FC-ONE Irons which we have available.

Customer Savings

Purchase your Swing Science heads along with shafts and grips so you can enjoy the savings because we will build your clubs for you free!