Swing Science Iron Shafts

Swing Science Iron Shafts

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Swing Science Iron Shafts are among the most popular brand for many players due to their high level of performance and playability. Players can choose from sever different Swing Science models to get the perfect match for their player profile. Some of the more popular iron shaft models include the 200 Series, 400 Series, as well as, the Swing Science FC-ONE which are available in both a graphite and steel model.

The 200 series iron shafts come in both a ladies and mens design which are popular because of their stylish looks alone. Swing Science iron golf club shafts are light weight and many players top choice in parallel tip shafts. They are known to be highly shock absorbent and provide a substantial amount of feedback.

Whether you're a stronger player seeking a heavier steel shaft with a traditional feel or seeking the lighter weight of a graphite iron shaft, Swing Science has shafts that will improve game performance for any golfer. Both weekenders and touring professionals alike have found Swing Science shafts to be comfortable and forgiving. Players seeking to gain some yardage with every swing  should pick up a set of Swing Science iron shafts.

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