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Project X Hybrid Shafts

Project X Hybrid Shafts

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Our Project X Hybrid Shafts

The Project X Hybrid Shafts are some of the best golf shafts on the market today. If you are looking to improve your golf game, these Project X Hybrid Shafts are top of the class. Made of excellent rigid materials that offer constant stiffness along the entire length. And, this is stiffness you can genuinely feel throughout the whole swing. There are three main styles of the Project X hybrid Shafts that we offer: EvenFlow Blue Hybrid, EvenFlow Black Hybrid, HZRDUS Black Hybrid.

EvenFlow Blue Hybrid

The Project X EvenFlow Blue is made for distance. If you are looking to have complete control of the swing to connection, this should be your graphite shaft of choice. This shaft offers that mid-launch and mid-spin profile you've needed in your golfing game. And, has a smooth flow of energy that is perfect for that fantastic distance you're trying to achieve.

EvenFlow Black Hybrid

This style offers a smoother delivery of power along the entire length of the shaft. This EvenFlow Black Hybrid delivers low spin and low launch profile. And, it provides a mighty swing from grip to tip that gives even the most novice player confidence in their game.

HZRDUS Black Hybrid

The HZRDUS delivers insane distance and is only for the strongest of golfers. And, along the entire length of the shaft has added stiffness giving the golfer an added edge over the competition. Put more power behind your ball with the HZRDUS black hybrid.

This line up offers perfect stability. And, you will know that you have quality in your hands, as there is little to no twist on impact. They are solid and are meant to take on even the most robust swings with consistency. If you are looking to improve your golf game look no further than Project X Hybrid Shafts.