Fujikura Fairway Wood Shafts

Fujikura Fairway Wood Shafts

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About Our Fujikura Fairway Wood Shafts

Fujikura Fairway Wood Shafts are some of the most popular, easy to fit and playable of any performance shafts. The idea behind Fujikura Fairway Wood Shafts is to build energy in the loading zone during the downswing effectively. And, Fujikura shafts nailed it with this lineup. These high-performance fairway shafts are ideal for all levels of golfers.

Pro 2.0 Fairway Shafts

Pro 2.0 Fairway Shafts are an excellent option for a wide range of golf players. With Pro 2.0 Fairway Shafts amateurs and tour pros alike can enhance their golf games. This shaft offers an excellent energy loading feature that will power up your swing and the speed of the ball. Fujikura Fairway Wood Shafts provide both low spin rate and maximum distance.

ATMOS Tour Spec Fairway Shafts

Fujikura's ATMOS Tour Spec Fairway Shafts are geared to help keep the flight down with low spin for the performance golfer. This series boasts a nice center section that stays flexible with a stiffer tip and grip area. Having the more-stiff regions allow for higher energy load during your swing while keeping the ball spin at a min. The design is more Engineered for the more advanced player and offers a style for various swing types.

Speeder Evolution V Fairway Shafts

The Speeder Evolution V Fairway Shafts are the highest launching shafts in the Fujikura Fairway Wood Shafts collection. It is known for its consistent feel and kick which allows the golfer to hone in their skill set. Unlike some other golf shafts that feel like you're wrestling a snake, this shaft has a nice even, and smooth feel about it. Speeder Evolution V Fairway Shafts offer a fantastic feeling that will allow the energy to pour into the ball with ease practically. Players looking for a high flight shaft with low spin and more hang ability should try the Speeder Series. Fujikura Graphite Shafts will boost performance for a broad range of golfers.