Fujikura Driver Shafts

Fujikura Driver Shafts

About Our Fujikura Driver Shafts

When looking at Fujikura Driver Shafts, it's clear that they are the cutting edge in shaft design. These shafts are known to be the spin killers in the golfing world. These graphite shafts are great for adding distance to your game as well as accuracy. Superior carbon fibers in the Fujikura Driver Shafts offer many benefits. Using premium materials allows Fujikura to add weight in just the right areas for maximum benefit. Using the right golf driver shaft for the perfect swing is what it's about in this game. And, Fujikura graphite Shafts allow for increased club-head speed to get the distance and low ball spin you are looking for every time.

Pro 2.0

The Pro 2.0 driver shaft is the leader of the pack in packing that loading zone with power. When you’re looking for exceptional distance and speed from your swing, the Pro 2.0 shaft design is what you need. And, of course, as with all Fujikura Driver Shafts they produce a very low ball spin. This great shaft will allow you to feel like you can hit that ball with as much speed as possible and still maintain excellent control.

ATMOS Tour Spec

The performance golfer loves ATMOS Tour Spec shafts. It acts to keep their ball flight down and the spin low as well. There are a few variations of the ATMOS TS. These variations fit the various golfing styles that make it available to a broad range of players. The general idea behind the ATMOS line is to keep an even, smooth and consistent feel. However, they do adjust the mid and tip sections to improve the launch and spin you are trying to achieve.

Speeder Evolution V

The Speeder Evolution V boasts an Engineering marvel for being produced from a lightweight and stable material. These gems are engineered in Japan and made with a metal composite technology. This technology enables us to add weight to critical points along the shaft. In return, this allows Fujikura Driver Shafts to have a better feel and kick.