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AeroTech Wedge Shafts

AeroTech Wedge Shafts

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Pro Performance AeroTech Wedge Shafts

AeroTech Wedge Shafts offer unprecedented precision and control in your golf game. AeroTech Graphite shafts have one during several professional tour events. And, these shafts offer a proprietary hoop wind surface layer that virtually eliminates shaft deformation during play, allowing you to get the most out of your golf game. Some of this wedge shafts highlights include:

  • Fits most player profiles
  • Numerous Weight options
  • Various Flexes
  • Broad Range of Spin and Launch
  • Vibration Dampening Technology
  • Great Transition from Iron to Wedge
  • Tour Proven Accuracy

Having the right wedges are a sure way to improve your game. Be sure to carry only the best shafts in your golf bag. The right clubs will give you an advantage over other players. Also, knowing your game will help you understand your club choices. Various swing speeds affect your decision in golf shafts. Take your game seriously and check out AeroTech Wedge Shafts.