Mitsubishi Putter Shafts

Mitsubishi Putter Shafts

Premium Mitsubishi Putter Shafts

There are many different factors to choosing a putter, a fact which every golfer knows. After all, it's important to get it right. No matter what your priority is when selecting a good putter, Mitsubishi Putter shafts have you covered. These are putter shafts that optimize the strength-to-weight ratio. More importantly, this means that the quality of our games has just gone up, as we now have increased control over the motions of our putter.

Putter Shaft Features

  • versatility
  • high performance
  • flex variations that improve distance control (1.0 and 2.0)
  • smooth, responsive feel

With the Mitsubishi Putter shafts, you have the option to fine-tune the weight distribution. Moreover, the carbon fiber shaft provides the Mitsubishi stability we are used to, as well as its standard reliability. After all, it is such an important element in every golf game. In fact, it can affect the very outcome. So, no need to risk it. Just choose Mitsubishi.