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Fujikra Golf Extends the Ventus TR Golf Shaft Line

Fujikra Golf Extends the Ventus TR Golf Shaft Line

Whether you're in the market for a new golf shaft or want to improve your existing set, the Fujikra Ventus TR Golf Shaft Line is a great option. The company's new Spread Tow fabric is designed to enhance consistency and comfort, while VeloCore technology provides a more responsive, forgiving swing.

Fujikura Ventus TR Spread Tow fabric

FUJIKRA GOLF has introduced a new addition to their Ventus TR Golf Shaft line, which is a major step forward. This new product will feature Spread Tow fabric that will provide more stability and accuracy.

This material increases torsional stiffness in the mid/handle section of the shaft, which is the area of the shaft that takes the most stress during the transition. It also helps stabilize the shaft during the downswing.

The spread tow fabric also reduces weight and minimizes shaft twists during the swing. It weaves fibers together to increase strength while reducing resin pooling and eliminating fabric crimp.

The Spread Tow carbon weave has high strength in varying directions. This fabric also holds up to aggressive moves to the golf ball. It has a checkerboard pattern that weaves fibers together to increase stability.

The Spread Tow carbon fabric used in the VENTUS TR wood shaft profile is lightweight and increases torsional stiffness. It also lowers spin and enhances launch.

The VENTUS TR wood shaft family features a mid-launch profile that provides increased stability and torque where golfers need it most. It is also equipped with VeloCore technology. It uses full-length Pitch 70 Ton carbon fiber in the bias layer and provides a stable platform for players.

FUJIKRA GOLF's VENTUS TR wood shafts are backed by research and enso(r)-driven analytics. The Ventus TR is available in multiple profiles, flexes, and weights. They have become one of Fujikura's most popular wood shafts.

Fujikura Ventus TR Series are sold through 600+ Fujikura Charter Dealers like Tour Shop Fresno.

The Fujikura Ventus TR shaft has a gold "TR" block on the top of the shaft. It also features a phantium paint finish.

Fukikura Spread Tow Fabric

Ventus TR VeloCore Technology

Having introduced the Ventus TR Blue shaft, Fujikura Golf has expanded its wood shaft line by adding the Ventus TR Red and Black shafts. Both of these new shafts feature the company's VeloCore technology, which helps to maximize stability and control through impact.

VeloCore technology is a multi-material bias core that promotes consistent center-face strikes and delivers maximum stability through transition. This technology also reduces twisting during the swing, which improves dispersion and ball speed.

VeloCore technology is derived from Fujikura's accelerated taper design, which utilizes a non-conventional taper rate. This design allows the material to be stronger without adding weight. It also increases the torsional stiffness of the shaft.

The mid-handle section takes on tremendous stress during the transition, which is where the shaft is most prone to twisting.

The spread tow carbon fabric used in these shafts increases the torsional stiffness of the mid-handle section while providing tighter dispersion and more stability. The spread tow material also reduces ovalization and twisting during the swing.

This combination of technologies helps create an advanced overall stability that does not compromise player feel. The Fujikura Ventus TR shaft family is available in a wide variety of weights, flexes, and launch profiles.

They feature VeloCore technology and a black sparkle base coat. These shafts are available through various dealer programs and special custom programs.

The Fujikura Ventus TR series golf shaft is a great option for golfers who want to increase their speed, control, and stability. These shafts also offer a lower launch angle. You can choose from various weights and flexes to ensure that you find the perfect fit.

Ventus Golf Shafts For All Player Profiles

Fits Swings of Most Players

Fujikura VENTUS TR is now available in two new profiles, designed for players who desire consistency in their favorite drivers. It uses proprietary ENSO 3-D data to create a stable, Tour-inspired shaft. It also features a new carbon fabric that increases stability without sacrificing player feel.

Fujikura's VENTUS TR wood shaft family is one of the most widely used wood shafts in the company's history. The family features a mid-launch profile that stiffens torque in the shaft section where most golfers need it. It also features ultra-high modulus Spread Tow fabric in the mid/handle section while reducing shaft twist. It also helps stabilize the shaft during the transition and reduces ovalization during the swing.

Fujikura also uses a non-conventional taper rate to increase loading efficiency. It also uses a multi-material bias core to boost driver performance, designed to stabilize off-center hits. The VENTUS TR models are all moderately stiffer than their original VENTUS counterparts.

The new models are available through select OEM custom programs. Players will also find the shafts at the top golf stores. They are a great fit for players who want more fairways. They also offer a wide variety of flexes and bend points.

The Fujikura VENTUS TR was designed to solve complaints about the company's custom shafts. Fujikura worked with players on the Tour to develop a shaft that matched their swings. This data allowed Fujikura to create a shaft that was more resistant to twisting than conventional designs.

The new Ventus TR shaft also delivers the tightest dispersion of any Fujikura shaft. TR series Ventus is stylish with a rich blue sparkle base coat. It also uses a non-conventional, lightweight paint technique that reduces the overall weight of the shaft.

Ventus TR Golf Shafts

Fujikura Shafts Improved Consistency

Fujikura's VENTUS TR shaft line improves consistency and stability for players. It features innovative VeloCore technology that reduces twist and increases dispersion, while the ultra-high modulus Spread Tow fabric increases torsional stiffness.

This new shaft construction is also designed to increase stability and feel during the backswing and downswing transitions. Fujikura Golf has made these enhancements using their enso(r) analytics to find the highest stress points in the shaft.

Fujikura engineers then modify the shaft's torque profile to improve torque in the sections where golfers need it most. In addition to the increased torque, the new shaft composition increases torsional stiffness by 10%.

This increased stiffness provides a more stable platform for performance and creates a profile with improved load capabilities. This stability can improve the club's feel and increase the shot distance.

Fujikura's VENTUS shaft line has been popular with players on the DP World Tour, and a recent round-up of the line has resulted in two new shafts. VENTUS Red and VENTUS Black were made available in August 2022.

These new shafts are built on the same technology that has made Fujikura one of the industry leaders in shaft technology.

The VENTUS family features high, mid, and low launch profiles. Shaft profiles give players different ball flight patterns. A high launch profile provides distance, while the mid and low launch profiles provide stability.

Each of these shafts was designed for golfers with different swings to suit players' specific needs.

Fujikura also offers other premium-performance golf shafts designed to suit various player profiles. Whether you want a stiffer shaft or one with more feel, Fujikura has a performance-boosting shaft for you.

These shafts feature VeloCore technology, which provides tight dispersion and promotes consistent center-face impact.

Fujikura Ventus TR Shaft Line

Fukikura Ventus History

VENTUS TR was born out of a long-time desire to innovate and improve upon the original VENTUS product line. Using a combination of exotic materials, the Ventus TR shaft provides increased stability and improved accuracy. Its stable feel and low spin make it ideal for players with a wide range of swing speeds and playing styles.

VENTUS TR's ultra-high modulus spread tow material increases torsional stiffness in the mid/handle section and reduces ovalization. A combination of spread toe carbon-fiber fabric, full-length Pitch 70 Ton carbon fiber, and lightweight composite woven fabric in the handle and mid/handle sections creates advanced overall stability.

The VENTUS TR is available in regular (R), and extra-stiff (X) flexes. The TR features a softer transition than the original Black and Blue Ventus while offering improved accuracy and consistent performance. VENTUS TR was available on February 1, 2022, through select OEM custom programs and 600 plus Fujikura charter dealers.

The Fujikura VENTUS TR is also available in 50, 60, 70, and 80-gram weights. The shaft features VeloCore Technology, which utilizes full-length Pitch 70 Ton carbon fiber in the bias layer. It provides a stable platform for performance, while its multi-material bias core improves accuracy and consistency.

Fujikura Ventus Blue Driver Shafts

What Exactly is Spread Tow Fabric?

VENTUS TR's new Spread Tow fabric is a checkerboard-like pattern that weaves fibers together for increased strength. It also reduces weight. It also resists twisting and pooling of resin.

Are Fujikura Shafts on Tour?

The Fujikura VENTUS was one of the most popular driver shafts of the 2020/21 PGA Tour Season. Ventus golf shafts are also one of the most sold driver shafts in Fujikura's history. 

If you are looking for a shaft that won't let you down and shaves strokes of your game, look no further than Fujikura Ventus TR Shafts.

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