FreeFlex Golf Shafts Specifications

Finding Swing Weight and Temporary Grip Installation

If you want to get the most out of your FreeFlex Golf Shafts then discovering the perfect swing weight for your club is key to improving your golf game. We recommend opting for a swing weight between D1-D4 (38-series) and D0-D3 (45-series).

While fitting the shaft to the club head, it's essential to trim solely from the butt end. Gradual cuts can be made from the butt end to try out different driver build lengths and find your ideal swing weight and feel.

We suggest using grip solvent to apply and remove the grip during on your FreeFex Golf Shafts the trial process, making it more efficient, especially if you have an air pressure gun.

Once you have determined the perfect length and swing weight, you can use tape to attach the grip permanently.

When setting up your golf club, don't forget about the spine indicator, at the clubs address the indicator can face either up or down!

This little marker can make a big difference in the strength of your shaft. And if you're struggling with hooks or draws, try turning the indicator slightly to the 10 or 11 o'clock position.

For a slice, try setting it at 1 or 2 o'clock on your FreeFlex Golf Shafts instead. Just keep in mind that adjusting the hosel will also affect the spine, so consider that when making any changes.


When adjusting lofts or angles, remember that the adjustable hosel will have an impact on the shaft, just like any other adjustment.


And to find your perfect swing, be sure to experiment with different weights and lengths.

FreeFlex FF30 Shaft Specifications are further down the page.

FreeFlex Golf Shafts Spec Sheet for OBLIQUE ORDER Line



freeflex ff30 Blossom Specifications Sheet



FreeFlex Oblique Order Golf Shafts Getting the Perfect Drive


Golfers looking for the perfect shaft to give their driver a boost in distance and accuracy should consider FreeFlex Oblique Order Golf Shafts. FreeFlex Golf Shafts Specifications sheet can be found on this page. These golf shafts are designed with innovative Oblique Order technology that helps deliver more consistent, accurate shots while providing lightweight design and low torque capabilities.


With a range of flexes available, these driver shafts offer something for every golfer. In this article we will be exploring all the important information regarding material construction, features and benefits of these golf driver shafts so you can make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing one. Let’s get started!


Introducing FreeFlex Golf Shafts


FreeFlex Golf Shafts are designed to help golfers achieve a better game by providing improved accuracy and distance. The cutting-edge Oblique Order technology in these shafts offers a unique combination of lightweight design, low torque, and higher ball speed capabilities that result in more consistent shots. The lightweight design also helps to reduce fatigue during long rounds of golf.


The material construction of FreeFlex Oblique Order Golf Shafts is engineered with a high-quality, graphite composite that provides maximum stability and durability. This lightweight material also has low torque for an easier swing and higher ball speeds achieved directly off the tee.


FreeFlex Oblique Order Glossy Blue Golf Shafts



Exploring the Innovative Oblique Order Technology


The FreeFlex Oblique Order Golf Shafts are a revolutionary technology in the golfing world. Featuring an innovative FreeFlex (FFT) technology , these high performance shafts are designed to give golfers exceptional ball speed and consistent accuracy with every swing.


The FreeFlex (FFT) technology in FreeFlex Golf Shafts is a unique blend of materials that provide golfers with optimal performance and feel. The FFT technology incorporated in the shafts helps deliver more consistent and accurate shots because it allows for better flex and launch conditions as well as improved energy transfer upon impact.


Examining Material Construction of FreeFlex Golf Shafts


FreeFlex Golf Shafts are designed with advanced FFT Technology to provide superior performance and control. The unique construction of the shaft utilizes both pronate and supinate principles to optimize swing torque, warping moment, and bending torsional moment. The design allows for maximum ball speed, forgiveness, and an improved feeling at impact.


The materials used in FreeFlex Oblique Order construction are designed to reduce vibrations and increase stability. By combining the advanced technology with quality materials, FreeFlex Golf Driver Shafts provide golfers with a superior product that helps improve their game.


Benefits of Using FreeFlex Driver Shafts


Whether you’re looking for an extra edge or just trying to get the most out of your swing, FreeFlex Golf Driver Shafts are the perfect choice. With their excellent design, superior performance and materials, FreeFlex Golf driver shafts provide golfers with a great product that will help them hit longer and straighter shots.


It's incredible to see how much of a difference the right shafts make when it comes to driving. In fact, there's even a claims of 370+ yards from an AutoFlex shaft! Whilst that's an impressive drive, Josh Jackson from JoshJacksonGolf already demonstrated how powerful you can hit a FreeFlex Oblique Order driver equipped with FreeFlex Carbon Shafts. Josh blasted drives of 338 yards at an incredible 144mph swing speed.


Although both shafts will offer fantastic performance, savvy golfers will recognise the money-saving benefits of FreeFlex Carbon Shafts.Yeah, up to 200 dollars cheaper than AutoFlex with equal or better performance! With those savings clocked up in your pocket, you'll be able to get yourself a shiny new hybrid club in your bag at the same time.


FreeFlex Oblique Order Matte Blue Golf Shafts



How to Choose the Right FreeFlex Shaft for Your Swing


FreeFlex Golf Shafts are a unique product due to the original multi-watercolors, glossy blue carbon, and matte blue available. To start off their release, 50 Special edition FreeFlex Matte Black Drivers were issued at 38g weight. Not only do they come in two different weights of 38g and 45 gram, but a hot pink special edition driver shaft for ladies was introduced too. With an uncut length of 46", these golf shafts are longer than that of the usual AutoFlex Driver shafts of 45" uncut length.


For players in the 80 to 100 mph swing range, they are recommended to use a 38g series shaft; while those swinging faster than 100mph should use the 45-series. Compared to competitor AutoFlex which requires five different weighted shafts in order to provide coverage for a variety of swinging speeds, FreeFlex Oblique Order accomplishes this feat with just two weights. If you're looking to enhance your on-course performance and style, look no further than FreeFlex!


Final Thoughts: FreeFlex Golf Shafts


FreeFlex Golf Shafts are a great choice for golfers looking to get the most out of their swing. With its advanced FFT Technology, FreeFlex Oblique Order offer superior performance and materials combined with unique pronate and supinate principles in its construction, it provides optimal ball speed, forgiveness and improved feeling at impact.


The two weight options (38g series shaft & 45-series) provide coverage for a variety of swinging speeds while also being up to 200 dollars cheaper than AutoFlex driver shafts. If you're looking to enhance your on-course performance and style then make sure you check out the range of FreeFlex oblique order golf shafts today!