ACCRA TOUR Z TZ6 Gen2 Hybrid Shafts .370 Tip

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Graphite Composite
.370 Parallel
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The new ACCRA TOUR Z TZ6 Driver Shafts offer a unique design that will appeal to the average golfer in the M3 and M4 flexes as a mid/high launching driver shaft that will control spin and add power with an active tip section.

Where this shaft really shines is as a mid/high launching shaft in M4 and M5 flexes for the accomplished golfer. This is a spin killing machine that feaTOURes 2.0 torque combined with the explosive tip section. New high modulus composite materials  enable ACCRA to maintain “feel” while introducing extremely low torque. Stability is achieved in the combination of ACCRA’s proprietary design in the butt section for unparalleled strength without effecting “feel” and the addition of a new material technology in the tip section creating an unequaled torsional strength along with a faster recovery speed than any shaft ACCRA has ever produced

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    ModelTypeFlexMassBalance Pt.S3 LaunchButt EiMid EiTip EiS3 CPMTorqueLengthButt ODTip ODParallel
    TZ6 85H Hybrid M3 85 20.5 12.2 67 38 21 265 2.5 42 .600 .370 4
    TZ6 85H Hybrid M4 86 21.0 12.2 74 44 24 280 2.5 42 .600 .370 4
    TZ6 85H Hybrid M5 88 21.0 12.2 87 49 29 295 2.5 42 .600 .370 4
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