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The iconic fitting line of Rifle Golf Club Shafts used to win numerous PGA tournaments and Major Championships is officially back and better than ever.

Most importantly, the Rifle shaft is exclusive to PFC accounts and NOT available through OEM custom, in-line, or mass distribution. This is the exclusive product that we promised and is only available through your studio! This means better margins and no devaluation of the premium value of this product.

The Rifle line of shafts has traditionally been known for it's customization and the new taper tip version of the traditional Rifle shaft will take customization to a new level.

Rifle shafts are frequency matched and weight sorted to stringent tolerances and are now available in 3 flexes of taper tip products......4.5, 5.5, and 6.5.

The unique aspect of the line is that each flex is available in 10 different lengths giving you (the PFC fitter) the opportunity to achieve virtually any flex.

Customization doesn't end there, the "new look" Rifle shaft band is now available with no flex designation (perfect to show that you have customized the flex to a specific golfer), with a standard flex designation, or in 4 unique color options to appeal to the golfer that wants to "stand out in a crowd!".

Feb 12th 2018 Butch

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