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Quality Golf Club Heads vs. Cheap Budget Golf Heads

Let’s Talk Golf Club Heads

Driver heads, iron heads, putters, Fairway woods… Whatever type of golf club heads they are, they have to have one common denominator. That denominator is quality.

But as a new golfer, you might not have the money to buy an expensive brand of golf club heads like Miura or Alpha. And you’re not alone; most new golfers either go for the Walmart clubs or even knockoffs. There are even websites that advertise their “homebrew” golf products, and they openly state they make knockoffs.

Yet we’re here to tell you that you need AND deserve high-quality golf club heads.

But I Don’t Have the Money!

This is the most common response we’ve heard when it comes to this topic. And of course, we fully understand why someone would think that way.

After all, golfing can be a pricey hobby. The numerous different golf club heads can cost quite the pretty penny, especially heads for drivers. For instance, let’s look at those that Miura makes. A set of irons like Inner Cavity 601 can cost anything close to $2000. Wedges are somewhat cheaper, but nevertheless $300 per golf club head is steep. The same can be said for the $120 per putter Alpha golf club heads.

Some Stores Sell Knockoff Golf Club Heads Much Cheaper!

Yes, original golf club heads are expensive. Nobody can deny that. And nobody will force you to buy them if you don’t want to. But it’s about more than just the price. It’s also about performance, design and “feel.”

People Tested Cheap Golf Club Heads, and They Worked

There are plenty of stories out there that talk about how golfers compared a bargain-priced golf set to a “pedigreed” one by testing them. Usually, they perform similarly well, and both have benefits and flaws to them. In fact, some people even painted over knockoff golf club heads to make them appear genuine, and they perform all the same.

Well, this sounds like an argument against buying an expensive set, doesn’t it? Why even buy it if a cheaper version performs roughly the same? And we will grant you that, it is a very good argument in favor of buying a knockoff set of golf club heads. But there are a few things these reviews forget to mention.

1. These Tests are One-Time Only

Having a set of knockoff golf club heads perform well once is OK in and of itself. The problem is whether or not it can perform the same way after repeated usage.

Companies like Alpha, Cleveland, Cobra, and Taylormade invest millions in making their golf club heads not only tough and precise but also durable. A knockoff won’t worry about durability in the long run. You’ll end up having to buy a new set sooner than you think, and that’s an expense you really don’t need.

2. These Tests Aren’t Widely Representative

The few golfers that tested these golf club heads and posted their results online are nowhere close to being a representative sample for this type of “research.” On the other hand, thousands of golfers worldwide “test” high-quality, expensive golf club heads on an almost weekly basis. Sales don’t lie, and the sales of these brands are steady and growing even in early 2019.

Now, we understand that you’re worried about your wallet. How can you get into golf when you can’t even afford your set of golf club heads? Well, there are several solutions to this, and they’re surprisingly easy.

Ways To Obtain High-Quality Golf Club Heads

1. If You Can’t Buy, Rent

Alpha, Miura, Swing Science, Titleist, and other manufacturers sell expensive golf club heads. That much is clear enough. But even if you’re well-off, paying several thousand dollars for custom clubs can hurt your bank account. And most players will certainly need to refrain from buying an entire set at once.

Still, there are stores out there that will rent golf club heads to both professional and beginner golfers. If you want to test out what a high-quality club can do, rent a set a few times. It won’t cost you that much, and you’ll see firsthand how perfection feels. In fact, you can even rent out knockoffs and compare them to the high-quality golf clubs yourself.

2. Shop Expensive, but Shop Smart

You don’t need all of your clubs to be brand new and expensive right off the bat. Moreover, you also don’t need all of your golf equipment to cost a small fortune. All you have to do is shop smart.

For example, you can visit Tour Shop Fresno and buy an iron and a wood that you like, or a hybrid. Then just buy a few more golf clubs every week or month until your set is complete. We would advise you not to buy a used club. However, you can get yourself a cheaper golf bag or golf gloves instead.

This tactic can work for balls and tees as well. Unlike clubs, cheap brand balls won’t be a problem for you, and an inexpensive tee will work the same as a high-quality one. Not to mention that you can buy both in bulk.

You can also avoid buying certain equipment, such as ball retrievers and divot tools, or at least avoid buying them until you have the money to do so. You won’t be using them when you’re starting out anyway.

The better you get at golf, the more desire you’ll have to buy a decent set of expensive golf club heads. And you don’t even have to have your “dream set” immediately. You can work on building it for a year or two, buying a better club every month or two, or more.

Of course, don’t just stick to cheap golf bags and balls. You only need to do that in the beginning, when you’re still perfecting your game. Once you get better, don’t hesitate to replace the bag with a new, better one. Your clubs will stand out far better in a shiny new bag.

3. What You Can’t Buy or Rent, Borrow

Do you have golfer friends? Considering your interest in the game, it’s more than likely that you do. If so, ask them yourself about golf club heads. They probably already have a Miura or a Taylormade club in their set. Ask to borrow the set for a while and test them out. Once you get used to the swing of that expensive club, you’ll see why you need to have it.

EXTRA TIP: Know How to Shop

If you don’t have the money for that perfect set, you can always take out a small loan. As pricey as they are, golf club heads aren’t that big of a credit risk. You’ll pay the debt off in a matter of months, and the clubs will stay strong and durable way past that. In other words, you won’t have to worry about damaging them before you pay off the loan.

In addition, make sure to shop for the clubs during the holiday season and catch any and all promotions that offer discounts.

A Few Closing Words on Quality Golf Club Heads

Cheap or knockoff golf heads sound appealing to new golfers with little money. But if you want to be the best golfer possible, you need high-quality brand-name golf club heads. With so many shopping options we’ve listed above, you can save quite a bit of money and STILL own a good club set.

Jan 11th 2019

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