How To Re-Grip A Golf Club and Do It The Right Way

How To Re-Grip A Golf Club and Do It The Right Way

Hi, Tour Shop Fresno here and we will explain to you how to re-grip a Golf Club. Today, I've been re-gripping golf clubs now for, well over, twenty years and I've re-gripped endless clubs and throughout the long term I've discovered that anybody can grip up a Golf Club. You simply need to have a few devices and having those gripping tools will clearly help you during the process. We grip much quicker and when it gets down to it, I mean the other stuff is great to have although there's really just three things that are actually needed. The first being the solvent solution and we personally like Brampton solvent and epoxies. You really want plenty of the solvent solution to maneuver the tape and slip the grip on. The second tool for your re-gripping project is going to be a sharp hooked blade or a sharp blade of some sort to remove that grip. The third and last thing is the two-sided tape. Your grip tape is very important as it secures the grip onto the shaft.

How To Re-Grip Golf Clubs Like A Professional

How To Safely Remove Your Old Golf Grips

So now, that being said, assuming you have those three necessary club re-gripping tools, you can now start the Golf Club Re-gripping process. Alright, so the first thing you should do is remove your old Golf Grip. You know, clearly it will be smooth and broken down and that is the reason you want to take it off and replace it. So the way that I remove a Golf Grip is pretty basic and yet straight forward. I get the hooked edge razor knife and I generally remove the grip while cutting away from myself with the sharp edge. So, assuming I slip, I won't end up injuring myself in the process. I suggest that you follow these safety practices, as well, in order to keep yourself safe while re-gripping your clubs

So now, the way I remove the grip is to simply put the hook with the blade underneath the edge of the grip. You'll want to make sure that it's seated under there and then you simply push away from yourself. Make sure to use a bit of steady pressure on your blade as you continue pushing away. It'll start to cut the rubber and as it does you just continue to run it up the shaft. Now, there is a mistake which a lot of people make. They just simply put some two-sided tape over the existing tape that was underneath the grip. Leaving the old tape on is not something you'll want to do because your grip will come out very thick and it wont feel right during play. It's way bigger than what you anticipated, so it's best to use techniques to ensure a proper end result. The next technique is to use a flat razor and you scrape off the tape like you would skin the peeling from an apple. While it takes a little bit longer to remove the tape, you will be far happier when you are finished.

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Working With Two-Sided Grip Tape

For the next part, we will just install our two-sided tape and then slip the new grip right over top of it. So the first thing you're gonna do is lock the shaft into a vise. This is an important step because you'll want to ensure that  clubface is lined up square and it's critical that it is secure. Now, the first thing we do, at this point, is make sure that the tape is measured out to the correct length so that you don't have it too long or too short. So, I always have a grip handy next to the tape to make sure it's measured correctly, and I always measure the exact length of the grip. Now, you need to have a little bit of overhang when you put the tape on, but this will ensure that there's no tape hanging out the end of the grip when you're finished.

We had to help Lorelyn Aposaga from Loganix, a company that helps outsource your link building and marketing strategies, with this very problem just last week. Lorelyn came to us after trying to re-grip her driver for the first time, and she forgot to leave some overhang on the grip tape. The grip got stuck a few inches shy of and would not seat properly on the end of the shaft. We wound up cutting the grip off and showing her how to re-grip her clubs the right way. It's a common mistake for beginners, and if you are aware of how easy it is to make this error, then you can save yourself some time and money by trying to avoid these things.

So you leave about a half inch of overhang over the shaft. You will need to make absolutely sure that it is perfectly smoothed out. Take your time here to make sure there are no wrinkles or bubbles. You wind up that tape at the end and you just shove it up into the end of the shaft. Moving along, we come to the solvent part. What you will want to do here is, apply lots of solvent to your two-sided tape and don't worry about over using the solvent. Always keep in mind that in golf club re-gripping, there is no such thing as using too much solvent. We also recommend Brampton solvents and club re-gripping products which you can find in our store, Tour Shop Fresno.Being totally honest with you, you can never use too much solvent because if you get it stuck halfway on, that's when you have big problems, my friend. At that point, you will have no choice but to cut the grip off and start all over. So, be sure that the two-sided tape is well coated and that you are using plenty of solvent.

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Grip Solvent: Why You Need It and How Much To Use

Just to give you a heads up, wear old clothes or an apron because working with the grip tape solvent is very messy and you will ruin your clothes. Also,I advise you to keep some towels or rags nearby during this process. Now, place your finger with it wrapped in a towel just over the end-cap of your golf grip and pour some solvent solution inside of the grip. Apply a good amount of pressure and quickly slide your grip up over the tape all the way on to your golf shaft. This is where your towel or rag really comes in handy again, because you will get some spray from the end of the golf grip. Once you have your grip slid all the way up on to the golf shaft, you want to make sure that you have it seated properly.Give it a good inspection and make sure that the end of the grip isn't floating around or has any other movement.

You will finish up by placing another grip next to your installed grip. What you are looking for here is that your installed and spare grip are the same length when placed next to each other. It is also a good professional habit to have your alignment guiding the grips logo and you can also give the end a couple of firm pops on the ground. That will help with proper seating and at this point you are finished with your installation. Most players will re-grip their clubs around every 40 to 50 rounds or approximately once per year. Hopefully, you can put these techniques to use and save some money and enjoy a new skill. Till next time, play well!

Apr 16th 2022

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