6 Reasons LA Golf Shafts Beat The Competition

6 Reasons LA Golf Shafts Beat The Competition


Golfers know that an excellent golf shaft can differentiate between a fantastic and a terrible shot. LA Golf Shafts understands this, and that's why they offer some of the best golf shafts on the market.

LA Golf Shafts has been in business for over 15 years, and during that time, they have become a top respected name in the golf shaft industry. They offer various graphite shaft lines to choose from, so you're sure to find the perfect one for your game. There are many reasons to use LA golf shafts in your golf bag; we'll list six for you here.

You need to use LA golf shafts if you're looking for better performance on the golf course or a better driver shaft to get more distance. Here are six reasons why:

1.They Provide More Distance


One part of the game players don't want to overlook is their distance. LA golf shafts can help you get more distance on every shot. Distance is crucial from your driver shaft down to your putter if you want to improve your score.

Do you want to start hitting the ball further? If so, you need to start using LA golf shafts. LA shafts are some of the most advanced on the market today, and they can help you hit your ball further than ever before.

If you're looking to hit longer drives and get more distance out of your shots, you need to use one of LA Golf Shafts' distance shafts. Faster swinging players can benefit when switching to one of the premium graphite shaft lines. LA Golf shafts will give you the extra power and distance you need to crush the ball off the tee.


Unlike other golf shafts on the market, they are made from the highest quality materials and construction techniques, so you can be sure that you're getting the best possible performance. Tour Shop Fresno became an authorized LA Golf Shaft dealer because we want you to be completely satisfied with your golf shaft purchase. Therefore, we must sell only the best shafts designed with cutting-edge technology.

So if you're looking to add some extra yards to your game, check out Tour Shop Fresno's selection of LA Golf shafts today.

2. They Provide More Accuracy


LA golf shafts also provide more accuracy, which is another critical factor in playing well. When you can hit your shots more accurately, you'll have a better chance of scoring well.

How Does LA Golf Shafts Improve Accuracy?

LA Golf Shafts achieve improved accuracy using the latest technology and design innovations. They utilize advanced mathematics and engineering principles to create each golf shaft to be highly accurate and help golfers hit straighter shots.

What products does the company offer?

  • Wood Shafts
  • Hybrid Shafts
  • Iron Shafts
  • Long Iron Shafts
  • Scoring Iron Shafts
  • Wedge Shafts
  • Putter Shafts

3. Technologically Advanced Design


LA Golf builds the most technologically advanced putter and golf shafts in decades, made by hand in California and inspired by insights directly from player partners.

Each golf shaft is built using various composite materials and special fibers to ensure stability, durability, and accuracy.

LA GOLF is partnering with some of the most innovative and exciting brands on the golf shaft market today. LA GOLF is excited to have these partnerships, which offer customers unique and innovative products that will help them go farther, faster, and with less effort.

  • Advanced shaft materials allow players to feel the ball like never before, giving them a more consistent swing.
  • The new weight pattern offers players a more streamlined feel and improved distance.
  • LA Golf Shafts are designed to provide players with more consistency, power, and distance through a more consistent feel.

4. Partnership With Bryson DeChambeau

LA Golf BRYSON SIGNATURE SERIES Driver Shaft at Tour Shop Fresno

Tour player Bryson DeChambeau presents himself as having bulked up since last September and now uses a Speed Zone driver to swing around 130 mph. DeChambeau's ball speed tops out close to 200 mph, and when complemented with his bulked-up physique, prodigious incoming power lands him atop the PGA Tour money list for the 10th time in 12 seasons.

LA Golf Shafts, a nearly 2-year-old Los Angeles-based company of which DeChambeau is a partner, designs and manufactures all of DeChambeau's graphite shafts. Chris Nolan, the company's COO, notes that for some time, Bryson has already possessed the speed he needs to hit the ball as far as he does. DeChambeau's added muscle allows the player to support the extra load his increased swing speed exerts on his body and golf shafts.

Bryson DeChambeau currently plays with a LA Golf graphite golf shaft in all of the clubs in his entire bag.


Bryson DeChambeau Driving Average

Bryson DeChambeau put on 40 pounds of muscle to his 200-pound frame. Since then, he has been swinging a Cobra King SpeedZone driver in the 130 mph range with no physical restrictions. DeChambeau's ball speed sneaks up to 200 mph, and it has gotten him into a Royal Troon victory and an OHL Open at Kansas City.

DeChambeau broke records by winning the U.S. Open with his 350-yard driving average set the PGA Tour record for a four-round event. Making it even more impressive, he also accomplished this feat using a graphite golf shaft in all 14 golf clubs.


5. Dustin Johnson Golf Lessons

The LA Golf Academy is the only place in the country where you will find a complete range of personalized golf instruction from Tour Player Dustin Johnson or any instructor you choose.

Instructors at the LA Golf Academy will take the time to get to know you and your game. They will thoroughly evaluate your current skill level and recommend an appropriate program to help you improve.

They will also provide detailed suggestions on how to lower your score and improve your game. Students can also get tips on picking the right golf shaft, heads, grips, and other components for their golf clubs.

Whether you are a college student looking to build a career as a professional golfer, wanting to enhance your game, or a weekend golfer just looking to have a better time, the LA Golf Academy can help you get the results you need.

The Academy offers various classes and programs to help you get the results you want.

Regardless of your skill level, these courses will help you improve.

Dustin Johnson's Partnership


As one of the top players on the professional golf circuit, Dustin Johnson knows a thing or two about how to perform under pressure. His partnership with LA Golf Shafts is the perfect opportunity to share his expertise with the general public and help them improve their own game.

LA Golf is a leading retailer of golf equipment and apparel, and its partnership with Dustin Johnson provides customers with access to some of the best products and advice in the business.

In support of this partnership, LA Golf has created exclusive benefits for Dustin Johnson fans.

The LA Golf Dustin Johnson fan club can be accessed at Dustin Johnson, and The LA Golf Shaft Company is committed to giving back to the community.

6. The LA Golf Shafts Putter

LA Golf is a company best known for its light clubs promoting a quicker swing behind its new putter. The company's CEO Marcus Gordon said his first putter, made inexplicably of a lightweight carbon composite material, is expected to be on shelves by year's end.

LA Golf Shafts also acquired the putter brand SIK, a company that popularized high-end graphite golf shaft design. Also, specialize in the aerodynamic design of golf balls and golf cups. After acquiring the SIK putter brand, LA Golf released its first putter.

Pricing For This Putter


The new LA Golf putter ($1,500) automatically features what appear to be diamond diamonds and trapezoidal-shaped ribs on the face of its blades. The light-bodied structure of the carbon composite allows the putter to include heel and toe weights in the sole that are 70 grams each. The blade-style putter also adds the proven SIK declining loft technology to the design.

LA Golf is a prestigious brand that can help you make an accurate putt and the ideal shot. Learn the new findings from the research done by top golf instructors by taking advantage of the latest golf shafts and putters that can help you shoot straighter and more manageable. A proper golf club set depends mainly on the performance of the golf shaft.

By comparison, traditional steel putters use stock weights that range from one to five grams each. Firm stroke weight and distance control putters vary in solid steel sole weight from 20 to 50 grams. A few steel shaft putter models have been designed similar to irons and come with 46, 48, and 50 grams in the sole.

The right putter can make the difference whether you want to hit a long or a little shorter putt. Golfers know that having the right putter on the green can win the game. Players who are serious about their short game should consider trying the LA Golf Putter.

Jul 16th 2022 Tour Shop Fresno

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