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nVentix NUNCHUK PRECISION Driver Fairway Shafts

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Graphite Composite
.335 Parallel
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Precision nVentix NUNCHUK Driver Shafts are setting the standard for stability, accuracy and performance. 

The Tour Proven, NUNCHUK Tri-Zonal Stability (TZS) design incorporates three segments, or zones, where each segment is specifically designed and constructed to control problems with twist, flex and droop found in other shaft designs. 

The NUNCHUK TZS design helps the golfer by making it easier to hit the sweet spot, with the clubface aligned with the intended ball flight, time and time again ... better performance, better accuracy!

NUNCHUK’s have been proudly played by more than 60 PGA Tour players and are in-the-bag of multiple winners and involved in many Top 10 Finishes and millions of dollars in winnings.

Fairway Woods should not be tip trimmed; butt cut to desired playing length only, as recommended by manufacturer.


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