nVentix NUNCHUK 370 PRECISION Hybrid Shafts - Graphite - .370 Tip

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Our nVentix NUNCHUK Hybrid Shafts deliver unmatched performance and accuracy for those long shots into the green. The NUNCHUK 370 utilizes the same Tour-proven NUNCHUK Tri-Zonal Stability (TZS) design as the original NUNCHUK.


  • Unmatched Accuracy for long and accurate shots into the green. Reduces spin and shot dispersion, for those long shots into the green or tight layup shots
  • "One-piece" Feeling – Improved stability creates the feeling of the club-head, shaft and golfer working in harmony
  • Designed to improve player performance by minimizing detrimental effects of shaft twist, droop and flex. Especially, the unwanted hybrid shot going left for the better player
  • Engineered to be played by the full range of swing speeds - No need for multiple flexes (see below)
  • Available in .370" Tip.

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Technical Specifications:

NUNCHUK Hybrid Shaft Spec Sheet

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