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LA Golf P-SERIES SoHo Putter Shafts - Graphite

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All About LA Golf P-SERIES SoHo Putter Shafts

Breaking Limits LA Golf's designers created a shaft-over-hosel putter offering. The 1st of its type, the SoHo offers the same degree of reliability as the standard P-Series and even complements feel, eliminates unwanted vibration, and minimizes putter head oscillation.

Putting evaluation software has confirmed that torsional deflection takes place in longer putts. The P-Series decreases undesirable deflection, trying to keep your putt from drifting out of its desired line.

  • P-Series changes out a. 370 steel shaft without bends.
  • It doesn't replace the .390 tip.
  • P-Series SoHo shafts are 36" uncut.

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