Fujikura Ventus Blue Hybrid Shafts - Graphite - .370 Tip

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Fujikura Ventus Blue Hybrid Shafts utilize the revolutionary benefits of Fujikura’s proprietary VeloCore Technology into an ultra-stable, forgiving, high-performance hybrid shaft. Ventus HB was developed to maximize the versatility and forgiveness of today’s hybrids & utility clubs through a low-torque, ultra-stiff tip hybrid that’s supported by the velocity and stability of Fujikura’s proprietary VeloCore Technology. The full-length low-torque and ultra-stiff tip serve as a stability mechanism through the turf and at impact, providing consistent distances and tightening dispersion, bringing shots closer to your target.

Whether you’re replacing a long iron with a hybrid to maximize forgiveness and promote launch or wielding a utility iron for more distance and less spin, Ventus HB has you covered. For those that prefer a long iron or utility, it may say HB on the shaft, but Ventus HB can also turn any utility iron into a high-speed fairway finder or precision pin-seeker. Count on Ventus HB to keep you from counting up strokes on those narrow fairway holes.

Forgiveness in your hybrid, workability in your long irons.

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Shaft Specs:

Model Flex Length Weight Tip Torque Butt Diameter Bend Point Spin Launch
65 R2 42 64 .370 3.4 0.610 M M M
65 R 42 66 .370 3.2 0.610 M M M
75 R 42 74 .370 2.8 0.610 M M M
75 S 42 75 .370 2.6 0.610 M L M
85 S 42 86 .370 2.4 0.610 M L M
85 X 42 86 .370 2.2 0.610 M L M
95 9X 42 94 .370 2 0.610 M L M
105 10X 42 102 .370 1.8 0.610 M L M
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