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Swing Science FC-ONE Utility Iron Heads

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  • FC-ONE Utility Iron Heads
  • Swing Science FC-ONE Utility Iron Heads
  • Swing Science FC-ONE Utility Iron Heads
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The FC-One utility irons incorporate the forgiveness of a hybrid club with its hollow construction for a more forgiving head than a cavity back long iron. The FC-One utility irons are capable of higher ball speeds due to the thin high-strength maraging steel face.

Unlike hybrid woods, the FC-One utility iron has a flat face (without bulge and roll) providing outstanding control for the shot-maker. The graduated location of its center of gravity (CG) make the lower lofted clubs easier to get airborne, while providing increased stability on off-center impacts.

Materials & Finish
 Face: High Strength Maraging Steel
Body: Investment Cast 431 Stainless Steel
Cosmetics: Bead Blast on Face and Top Line / Mirror Finish on Remaining Head
Inside Diameter: 9.45mm
Outside Diameter: 13.2mm
Hosel Length: 60mm
Bore Depth: 30mm
Weight Port: 14mm

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Head Specs

3 Iron 21.0 59.5 240g 3.7 2.0
4 Iron 24.0 60.0 247g 3.4 2.5
5 Iron 27.0 60.5 254g 3.1 2.5
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