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RC Royal Collection Forged Wedge Heads Dual Bite

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  • RC Royal Collection Forged Wedge Heads Dual Bite
  • RC Royal Collection Forged Wedge Heads Dual Bite
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  • Brand new, Wedge by Royal Collection Forged in Japan! 
  • Beautiful and in original factory shrink wrap.
  • The CP Model  which stands for Copper Plating. The CP model in fact uses a underplating made of thin copper which softens the wedge to create more grab and friction. The wedge is then finished in the same Nickel Chrome make as the BK including the face which is plated. A few years ago Yamaha did a test on the usage of softer forged metals to generage more spin and found that their black inpres X models forged from S10C steel out spun most of the competion. The CP model from RC follows a similar concept, while it is not S10C which is so soft it could lead to durability issues, the copper underplating has the same effect. We all love wedges for their soft feel and touch and the CP is meant to provide that along with added spin.

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