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Get Your Golf Clubs Assembled Free | Tour Shop Fresno

Get Your Golf Clubs Assembled Free | Tour Shop Fresno

As any player knows, custom club making can be expensive. At Tour Shop Fresno we value your business and in return would like to thank you with free custom club/s making.

How you Can Get Your Golf Clubs Built Free!

Go through our store and pick out your shaft or shafts and add to your cart
Next Pick out your golf grip or grips and add them to your cart
Optionally, you can pick out tip adapters for "Ready To Play" shafts but again, this is optional
Then Go through our store and pick out your golf club head or heads

Next Steps For Free Custom Built Clubs

As soon as you place your order Contact us either by phone at 1 (559) 271-2024 or by using our contact us link , located at the bottom of our site.

  • Provide us with your order number.
  • Additionally, provide us with all of the information necessary to assembly you golf club or set of clubs.
  • We will then have our experienced club makers get to work custom making your clubs to your exact specifications.

Delayed Shipping

It takes time to build a custom set of clubs. Therefore, you must understand that while Tour Shop Fresno is building your custom club or set of clubs, shipping will be delayed until the work is complete.

In most cases shipping will be delayed approximately 4 days. However, during unusually busy times and around holidays this can take longer. We appreciate your patience and we know you will love your new golf clubs.

If You Have Trouble Locating any Component That You Need.

We are still adding items to our online store. Although, we add new items daily there are still thousands of products to list. Therefore, if you are unable to find a component that you're searching for, please contact us. 

Ready To Play Shafts

In most cases, we will have the components you're looking for. Additionally, if you would like a "Ready To Play" driver or wood/s shaft and we do not have the model you are looking for listed yet, just contact us. We will need the following information:

  • Your choice of shaft or shafts
  • The grip Or grips you would like
  • Along with the adapter tip or tips you would like installed before shipping

Once we have this information, we can discount the price of the grip and adapters - Contact US First for these.
Then we will assemble your "Ready To Play" shafts before shipping.

when they arrive, all you will need is an Hex wrench (Not Included) , to quickly mount your head or heads to your new shaft/s. There is only 1 screw and no experience is necessary. You will be ready to play with your new driver shaft or fairway woods in a matter of minutes. 

Ready To Play Shafts

From all of us here at Tour Shop Fresno,
Play Well

If you have any other questions that we have not covered here, just get in touch, we're here to help!

Jun 10th 2018 Tour Shop Fresno

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