KBS TOUR Iron Shafts - Steel - .355 Tip

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KBS Tour Iron Shafts not only provide a high ball flight but they are one of the smoothest steel shafts ever made. Most of the the action is in the mid section of the KBS Tour Iron and they are very stable. For those seeking a steel iron but are looking for a much smoother feel than what steel shafts normally off, then the KBS Tour is a good choice.

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ShaftFlexWeightTipButt ODLength
Tour Iron R Flex 110g .355  .600 37.5" - 41.5"
Tour Iron R+ Flex 115g .355  .600 37.5" - 41"
Tour Iron S Flex 120g .355  .600 37.5" - 41.5"
Tour Iron S+ Flex 125g .355  .600 37.5" - 41"
Tour Iron X Flex 130g .355  .600 37.5" - 41.5"
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