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Graphite Design

Graphite Design G-TECH Iron Shafts .370 Tip

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Graphite Composite
.355 Parallel
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Looking for an iron shaft that meets the needs of club builders and hobbyists alike?

Look no further than the Graphite Design G-TECH Iron Shaft!
This versatile shaft is available in A/L flex with a white and gold graphic,
R/S flex combination providing you with plenty of options to choose from.

  • Measures 41" Long Uncut
  • 6" tip parallel tip section

The G-TECH Iron Shaft is just what you need for your next big project.
And with so many customizable building options,
it's guaranteed to provide the quality and performance
that you expect from a Graphite Design product.

So don't wait any longer - order your G-TECH Iron Shaft today!

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Shaft TypePart NumberFlexLengthWt.Tip ODTip Para.Butt ODTorqueKick ptLaunchSpin
G-Tech Wood L/A GTECH2DR-L/A Combo Ladies/ Lite 47″ 68g .335″ 5.0″ .590″ 5.0 LOW HIGH MID
G-Tech Wood R/S GTECH2DR-R/S Combo Regular/ Stiff 47″ 72g .335″ 5.0″ .605″ 5.0 MID MID MID
G-Tech Iron L/A GTECH2IR-L/A Combo Ladies/ Lite 41″ 75g .370″ 6.0″ .590″ 3.5 LOW HIGH MID
G-Tech Iron R/S GTECH2IR-R/S Combo Regular/ Stiff 41″ 80g .370″ 6.0″ .600″ 3.5 MID MID MID
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