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FreeFlex Special Series FF38 Hot Pink Driver Shafts

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Each Multi-Watercolor Shaft is Colored Diferently
  • FreeFlex Oblique Order FF38 Hot Pink Driver Shaft
  • FreeFlex Special Joy FF38 Hot Pink Driver Shaft
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Our FreeFlex Special Series FF38 Hot Pink Driver Shafts

Where performance meets personality on the golf course! Engineered to rival the best, this shaft is not just a game-changer; it's a game-charger! Crafted with precision in Korea by the innovative minds at Special Joy FreeFlex Shafts, it's the epitome of style and substance.

Get ready to unleash your potential with this limited edition marvel. The FF38 Hot Pink isn't just any driver shaft; it's a statement piece for those who demand excellence and a touch of flair in their game. It's like adding a turbo boost to your swing!

Designed with the swinging golfer in mind, the FF38 Hot Pink is your ticket to longer, more powerful drives. With a feather-light construction, it's as if your club becomes an extension of your own body, effortlessly generating speed and distance with every swing.

Recommended for those with swing speeds between 70 to 90mph and a silky-smooth tempo, the FF38 Hot Pink delivers a buttery-smooth feel from address to impact. Its unique blend of 38g factory design weight (boosted to 43g with our signature pink paint), 4.5 torque, and 160cpm ensures optimal performance without compromising on style.

Standing tall at an uncut raw length of 46 inches with a tapered tip, this shaft is your ticket to the longest drives of your life. Harnessing the power of the FreeFlex Special Series FF38 Hot Pink Driver Shaft is like unlocking the secrets to the golfing universe. With each swing, feel the surge of confidence as you send your ball soaring down the fairway with unprecedented speed and precision.

Elevate your game and turn heads on the course with the FreeFlex Special Series FF38 Hot Pink Driver Shaft. It's not just a shaft; it's a revolution wrapped in a vibrant hue! Get yours today and experience the joy of driving like never before.

  • Limited edition Hot Pink design for a standout look on the course.
  • Crafted with precision in Korea by Special Joy FreeFlex Shafts.
  • Lightweight construction promotes increased clubhead speed for longer drives.
  • Designed for swing speeds between 70 to 90mph with a smooth transition.
  • Smooth feeling throughout the swing and at impact, perfect for swingers with a fluid tempo.
  • Factory design weight of 38g (43g with special pink hand paint) ensures optimal performance.
  • 4.5 torque and 160cpm for stability and control through the swing.
  • Uncut raw length of 46 inches with a 0.328 tapered tip for customization options.

With these enhancements, you'll be ready to tee off with style and confidence like never before!

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