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Alpha RSP Launch (Offset) Driver Heads

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  • Alpha RSP Launch (Offset) Driver Heads
  • Alpha RSP Launch (Offset) Driver Heads
  • Alpha RSP Launch (Offset) Driver Heads
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Alpha RSP Launch (Offset) Driver Heads work well for golfers seeking straighter shots and who want to get rid of that terrible slice. Designed for player profiles with high to mid handicappers the RSP has a forgiving offset which helps to straighten out your ball path which is caused by an outside inside swing path. Along with straighter shots golfers will also see some added yards with every swing of the RSP Launch.


  • 2-piece 6A4V Titanium
  • Black gloss body
  • Brushed metal coated face
  • .335 hosel diameter
  • Offset design

*LH Lofts available in 10.5°

** Weight includes 6g at the heel and toe.

Lofts* 10.5°HL (13°-15°)
Volume 460cc 460cc
Face Angle -2° -2°
Lie 59° 59°
Weight 200g** 200g**
Face Height 55mm 55mm
Length 45" 45"
Swing Weight D3 D3
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