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Fujikura Shafts

Fujikura Shafts

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  • Fujikura AXIOM Iron Shafts  .370 TIP
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    Fujikura AXIOM Iron Shafts .370 TIP

    Price $115.00 - $125.00
    Axion shafts are designed so the torque gets lower as the clubs get shorter to improve control. These shafts are available in 3 master blanks with .370 parallel tips. Long Parallel are used for 2, 3, 4  irons Mid Parallel are used for 5, 6,...
    Price $115.00 - $125.00
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    Price $115.00 - $125.00
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Upgrade With Fujikura Shafts

Fujikura Shafts are one of the best graphite shafts available for upgrades or custom club building. Through the use of a proprietary ENSO 3D state of the art fitting system, Fujikura Shafts are some of the best performance golf shafts in the world. Information is captured and measured both before and after the ball is struck. While the majority of shaft manufacturers are still relying on trial and error testing, Fujikura Shafts are crafted using science-backed technology. Players seeking to boost performance in their game could greatly benefit from these revolutionary designs.

Fujikura Driver

Performance Fujikura ShaftsNot only have Fujikura Shafts been a significant player in the golf shaft industry for more than two decades but their driver shafts are unrivaled. There are way too many of their shaft designs to list in this short description, but I will list a few.

The Speeder has been one of the most popular and best-selling Fujikura Shafts over the years. Demand for the Speeder line has been so high that several variations of this series have emerged throughout the years.

A few other shaft-lines that continue to evolve are the Pro Series and the ATMOS. Both of these lines of Fujikura shafts released new versions just this year. The ATMOS originally started as a Tour Spec model, and the Pro series just launched the Pro 2.0 recently.

Fujikura Hybrid

When it comes to Fujikura Hybrid Shafts, they used the same innovative technology used in their driver. The use of hard scientific data is used while engineering of all Fujikura Shafts. Therefore, players can count on the same consistency and quality no matter which type of Fujikura Shaft that they choose.

The Pro model is a favorite among the hybrids. At the moment there is both Vista Pro, as well as, the newer Pro 2.0 series. As you can see the Pro 2.0 is available in both driver and hybrids because players are amazed by their performance.

We, also cut the Pro driver down to offer fairway woods. Also, found among the hybrids is the ATOM TS Series. Players seeking a true flighted tour quality shaft should give the ATMOS TS a try. There are Fujikura Shafts to help golfers with a broad range of skill level.

Fujikura Iron

Not only are Fujikura Shafts a leader in Drivers and Hybrids but they also have fantastic iron shafts too. That's right, Fujikura  provides many shaft types and players can build complete custom sets from the driver down to the wedge. MCI Irons use a Metal Composite technology which they combine with graphite to make a composite shaft like no others before them. Both increased weighting distribution and hitting ability are what MCI Irons offer.

A few other tour worthy Fujikura Shafts include Pro Irons and Vista Pro irons. These names should be starting to sound familiar to you by now. Sometimes players want a more dialed in feeling swing. Pro Irons feature High-Density Composite Core (HDCC) technology to keep you dialed in. For more launch and spin, the Vista Pro Irons are a lightweight option offering more clubhead speed. Whatever your needs are we can build you the perfect custom set of golf clubs using Fujikura Shafts.