UST Mamiya Shafts

UST Mamiya Shafts

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  • UST Mamiya The ATTAS TSPX Driver Shafts
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    UST Mamiya TSPX QUANTUM Purple Driver Shafts - Graphite - .335 Tip

    UST Mamiya

    Price $275.00
    Quantum is designed for the golfer seeking a lighter weight option with extreme stability.  The new Quantum wood shaft is the perfect combination of ultra lightweight performance with precise control and feel. Quantum is manufactured using a blend...
    Price $275.00
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    Price $275.00
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TSPX UST Mamiya Available

Only elite and select dealers carry the UST Mamiya TSPX series shafts. We offer shafts in a woods, hybrids, irons, and putters. We offer many premium products that many other dealers do not carry. Which means that if a player is looking for a quality hard to find golf-shaft, they will most likely find it here. This brand provides improved weight and strength to their golf-shafts. These enhancements in return will improve your golf game. Which will, in turn, bring you to the top of your game. These Golf Shafts are made with the golfer in mind. There are different kinds of swings that every golfer has. How the player delivers his load in the swing will determine if the player needs a stiff shaft or a soft shaft. Getting this right is extremely important to your game. Our Shafts offer improvements in these areas:

  • Performance
  • Accuracy
  • Distance

Driver shafts

Having the right driver makes a difference in the distance and accuracy of your game. UST Mamiya Driver Shafts offer great weight options and stiffness. These will help you get the most out of your driver.

Hybrid Shafts

Our UST Mamiya Hybrid Shafts are making the golf game a little easier by replacing the harder to hit clubs. Even the best players are carrying a hybrid golf shaft in their bags. Our hybrid shafts will help you to improve your golf game. So, if you are serious about your game, it might be time to add a few hybrids to your golf bag.

Iron shafts

Performance driven Iron shafts offer speed and carrying distance. It is the speed at which you swing that will determine what level of stiffness you need in your golf-shaft for accuracy. The slower speeds need a less stiff shaft while the higher swing speeds need a more rigid shaft. Knowing your swing speed will help you improve your golf game significantly. Using UST Mamiya series shafts ensures improved performance. Drivers, hybrid, putter, and iron options are available.

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