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UST Mamiya Driver Shafts

UST Mamiya Driver Shafts

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UST Mamiya Driver Shafts

UST Mamiya Driver shafts present yet another in a long line of examples of UST’s quality craftsmanship. Namely, UST engineers have spent a long time developing the cutting-edge technology that is behind these driver shafts. As a result, they have struck a balance between a lightweight shaft structure and reliable stability. Here are a few other advantages we can enjoy.

Driver Shaft Features

  • Variety: these shafts are available in different weight and flex options. Additionally, they are appropriate for a vast range of ball spins and trajectories.
  • TSPX certified: professional players use them to play in many tours, including PGA.
  • They are a premium upgrade to the usual wood and driver shafts: they are counterbalanced in order to fit heavier club heads.
  • They fit a range of player profiles.

Any golfer who has given the UST Mamiya Driver shafts a swing knows to trust them - including us. In essence, their consistency, as well as feel and performance, are nothing short of outstanding.