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True Temper Shafts

True Temper Shafts

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Why Choose True Temper Shafts For Your Clubs?

Tour Shop Fresno offers great deals on True Temper Shafts. Choose from steel iron shafts or wedge shafts. If for some reason you are unable to find the True Temper model you are looking for, then please contact us as we most likely carry it but have not listed it here in our online store. In some cases, if we do not have the shaft, you are looking for we may still be able to get it for you.

Players of all skill levels can play True Temper golf shafts. They provide shafts that help with many game enhancing features such as better control, further distance, feel, forgiveness and more. However, one of the best benefits of True Temper shafts is that anyone can get these high-quality shafts and they come with a very affordable price, especially when compared to some of the other high-end shafts in today's market.

Customizing Your Clubs With True Temper

If you are looking for customization, then True Temper Shafts are an excellent choice. Besides being the number one steel golf shaft on all professional tours globally, they are also pleasing to the eye and can be fitted with most components in production. With over five decades of experience and over one billion shafts sold the numbers speak for themselves. The shiny, highly polished steel shafts look amazing coupled with just about any head or grip.

Pick out your favorite True Temper Shafts, then add heads and grips to the cart. After, you purchase all of your golf club components from us, e-mail or call us. Provide your order number and the exact specifications for assembling irons or wedges. Then we will get our team of professional and highly experienced club makers to build your custom clubs. Good club building takes time, so please allow us some time to complete your clubs and ship.

You can also call us to place your order. If you do not see the components you 're looking for here on our site, get in touch. You can reach us either on our contact form or by phone at 559-271-2024