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Nippon Iron Shafts

Nippon Iron Shafts

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Performance Driven Nippon Iron Shafts

Nippon Iron shafts are one of the most sought-after shafts in the golf industry. With the accuracy of steel and the feel of graphite, these Iron shafts are a top choice for many golfers. Nippon shafts are built with a patented alloy that combines unmatched strength and weight balance. Although they are manufactured with a thinner design that cuts down on weight, they are still stronger than standard steel shafts. These cutting-edge shafts are the result of years of optimization, and they have undergone a series of professional validations.

Top Nippon Iron Features

  • lightweight steel shaft
  • exceptional control and performance
  • increased velocity
  • decreased ball spin
  • dual step construction
  • available in taper tips and parallel tips
  • flex options: R, S, X

Nippon Iron shafts provide a variety of weight, length, and tip options to satisfy all golfers - from beginners to experts. As such, we find them to be a good fit for any skill level. Thanks to their even weight distribution, they make for smooth, consistent swings. Some Nippon Iron Shafts are a part of the NxFit Studio program. As such, they can only be sold by select dealers - a testament to their quality.