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Miura Irons

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Custom Built Miura Irons

Miura irons can be purchased here at Tour Shop Fresno. Buy from our listed stock models or by getting in touch with us about your specifications and components to build your custom Miura Irons to be just right. Players know that Miura heads are unlike any other out there because they are individually forged and crafted to precision. Box store clubs will never have the reliability, playability, feel, stability, and control of a Miura Iron.

A Feeling Like No Other

To play a Miura golf club is, in reality, the only way to ever really experience what players who use Miura's always brag about. This is because words can not describe the feeling that golfers have while swinging one of these irons. They outperform players expectations, and golfers love the distinct sound that a Miura's head makes while when striking the ball perfectly in the sweet spot. They are said to be the best tour golf clubs on the market.

If you need changes to our listed stock Miura Irons or if you're ready to have a custom set built contact us by email or phone 559-271-2024 you can also purchase your components from us, Heads, Shafts, Grips and then get in touch with your desired specs. If you are buying your custom Miura Club components from us, then our club building pros will be happy to build your Miura's for free before we ship them off to you.