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Miura Golf Clubs

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  • Miura CB-302 Forged Satin Iron
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    Miura CB-302 Forged Satin Iron Sets - CUSTOM BUILT

    Price $1,250.00 - $2,150.00
    Miura CB-302 Irons: A Fusion of Classic Aesthetics and Modern Performance Elevate your golfing experience with the Miura CB-302 Irons, a perfect blend of timeless design and advanced technology. These top-tier golf irons promise to revolutionize your...
    Price $1,250.00 - $2,150.00
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    Price $1,250.00 - $2,150.00
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Miura Golf Clubs are custom built clubs and our teem of club building professionals here at Tour Shop Fresno are ready to craft your custom set. The name Miura is on the radar of all serious golfers because they know that the Miura Club brand has decades of experience. Players also know that Miura clubs, unlike the stuff bought in those big box retail stores are all custom forged to 100% perfection, something that can not be found in mass produced clubs. There are no words that can accurately describe playing with Miura clubs, the only way for a player to truly understand what it means to play a Miura Brand club whether it be a Miura Driver, Miura Iron, Or Miura Fairway Club etc, is to actually experience playing the clubs.

There is no other clubs on the planet that can match the feel, sound of the distinctive thwack on strike, perfect balance, or control that a player feels with a Miura Club in their hands. The Miura tradition was started by master craftsman Katsuhiro Miura who works hands on in his own factory every day. Katsuhiro has pass on his knowledge and art of club crafting to his two sons, Yoshitaka and Shinei. The forging process used in crafting Miura Heads leaves the molecular structure perfectly and evenly balance which alleviates any void spots in the head which can be found in mass manufactured clubs.

If you are not interested in our stock Miura Clubs please contact Tour Shop Fresno through our contact form or give us a call at 559-271-2024 to have your custom clubs built and to get a quote. You can also purchase your heads, shafts and grips here and then contact us directly after with your specifications. If you purchase all of your components from us, we will build the clubs for you for FREE. Though prices for custom clubs will vary and not be the same as our stock models.