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Mitsubishi Hybrid Shafts

Mitsubishi Hybrid Shafts

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About Mitsubishi Hybrid Shafts

With new, advanced materials come new, advanced Hybrid shafts. As an example, we have the Mitsubishi Hybrid shafts. We have combined steel and graphite in order to produce one of the most advantageous shafts on the market.

Hybrid Shafts Features

  • consistent trajectory
  • stable shot control
  • Multi-Dimensional Interlay
  • multi-material design
  • low resin content
  • increased strength and stability thanks to Carbon Kevlar material woven into the butt

Mitsubishi Hybrid shafts create a perfect combination of weight and accuracy. In fact, one of the things that make these shafts so desirable is the Multi-Dimensional Interlay (M.D.I). Namely, this interlay manipulates carbon fiber in ways that result in precise control over stiffness, stability, and flex. Furthermore, it reduces shaft deformation at impact. Up until now, this has been a common issue. As such, this series provides a variety of shafts suitable for golfers of any skill level.