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Lamkin Grips

Lamkin Grips

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    Lamkin TS1 Golf Grips

    Lamkin TS1 Golf Grips


    Price $8.49 - $8.99
    Overview Lamkin TS1 Golf Grips The TS1 grip is a distinct high performing golf club grip. Lamkins all-new TS1 was designed with the innovative brand-new GENESIS compound which offers FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY with micro-textures to provide players with...
    Price $8.49 - $8.99
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    Price $8.49 - $8.99
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An Overview of Lamkin Grips

Lamkin Grips has been in the industry since 1925 when Elver Lamkin started the company and crafted golf grips in his Garage. In the early days of the company, the focus was primarily on premium-leather golf club grips.

During the 1960's Lamkin Grips began making their first hybrid style golf grip with both leather and rubber materials. Lamkin continued as an industry giant over the next several decades and used some of the newest quality materials in the business.

It wasn't long before Lamkin moved on to designing their swing grips with synthetic rubber which provided not only a more consistent feel but was also more affordable.

The nearly Century old company is still going strong today and has manufacturing plants and connections on a global scale.

What's New with Lamkin Grips?

Grip Pressure and Hybrid Compounds

The engineers over at Lamkin Grips have developed a new hybrid compound material that they are calling GENESIS. As of this writing, there is a patent pending on this fantastic new material which is used to help alleviate grip pressure while extending comfort and performance. It sounds like they could be on to something extraordinary here and perhaps that's how Lamkin chose the name.

This new compound is a breakthrough technology that includes tackiness, comfort, and performance all bundled together. Neither tension or weather conditions will take away from these multi-materials consistent properties.

TS1 Grips

The TS1 is one of the first lines of Lamkin Grips to be designed using their new proprietary material. Some of the notable features of the TS1 grip are Fingerprint Technolgy, reduction of tension, and a reduced taper style. With exceptional durability and consistency, this is perhaps one of the best golf grips on the market at this time.

Sonar Grips

The Sonar Grip is yet another revolutionary design by Lamkin Grips. By implementing the Micro Textures in a network using the Fingerprint Technology, Lamkin has made a grip with comfort unlike players have ever seen before. The Sonar line also features the reduced taper design and eases that unwanted grip tension away. With their new softer unique feel and extra tacky surface, these grips are ideal for a broad range of golfers.

Comfort Plus Grips

The Comfort Plus is yet another line of Lamkin Grips worth mentioning. This series also has similar traits to the grips discussed above as the compounds used in their design are the same. According to the engineers over at Lamkin, this is a very comfortable grip. The Comfort Plus also makes an excellent alternative for players seeking to get away from polyurethane style grips. A bigger lower hand and reduce taper shape makes extra light pressure while gripping your golf club. With a lighter grip-pressure, the player exerts less stress to the hands and forearms which in turn leads to better control and performance. Comfortable traction from Lamkin's Fingerprint micro-textured technology is another perk the Comfort Plus offers.

Lucky for our visitors, Tour Shop Fresno, offers Lamkin Grips along with free installation or custom club assembly. All components must be bought at the same time for this service to be free. For customers seeking free custom assembly be sure to contact us directly after placing your order with us. This way we will know that you want us to assemble it for you and allows you to give us your exact specifications if needed.