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Graphite Design Driver Shafts

Graphite Design Driver Shafts

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  • Graphite Design Tour AD M9003 Wood Shafts
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    Graphite Design Tour AD M9003 Driver Shafts .335 Tip

    Graphite Design

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    Graphite Design Tour AD M9003 Driver Shafts Looking for a high-performance graphite golf shaft that delivers superior feel? Look no further than the Tour AD M9003 from Graphite Design. There's no doubt that the Graphite Design Tour AD M9003 Driver...
    MSRP Price: $550.00
    Price $419.00
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    MSRP Price: $550.00
    Price $419.00
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Refresh with Graphite Design Driver Shafts

Graphite Design Driver Shafts are some of the finest graphite shafts available on the market today. Built out of the best materials, Graphite Design uses NANOALLOY ® technology in the tip areas of their golf shafts for stability, comfortable feel along with precision control. The main shaft areas are made from aerospace quality 50t carbon fiber to keep them both lightweight and durable.

A Leader in Shaft Design

Graphite Design is a leader in driver shaft technology, and Graphite Design Driver shafts can be found worldwide. They are one of the three largest golf shaft manufacturers throughout the entire world and are a number one choice for many top touring professional golfers and clubmakers alike. Anyone looking for performance of the highest quality with fantastic control and longer drives should try out Graphite Design Driver Shafts.

Here at tour Shop Fresno, if you purchase the Heads, Shafts, and Grips from us, we will build your driver or full wood set for free and made to your exact specifications. You can order all of your Graphite Design Driver Shafts parts on and then e-mail us with your order number and provide your specs or give us a call at 559-271-2024. We still have thousands of items we are listing here to our online store so if you are having trouble locating any components that you're looking for give us a call since we most likely carry what you're looking for in our store.

The Highest Grade Materials

The lightest and strongest resin systems and composite materials are found in Graphite Design Driver Shafts. These premium materials were developed specifically for golf club shafts. These space-age materials are very thin, which allows the shafts to be manufactured with many more layers to precisely control the weights, flexes, torques, and bend profiles. More layers create better strength and durability. Just like the difference between tearing one sheet of paper versus trying to tear a phone book in half. The special composite weave patterns used are applied in crisscrossed layers.  The layers add additional strength and create highly stable loading(bending) and unloading(snap through). As a result, Graphite Design are extremely efficient, and responsive. They offer greatly improved accuracy and distance for players of all skill levels. The whole process creates greater strength, improved consistency, faster swing speeds. Therefore, they are more accurate and produce further distance.

Free Custom Golf Club Assembly

Tour Shop Fresno offers all of the Graphite Design Driver Shafts as a shafts only option. We also offer custom built clubs by Beeco Golf, Tour Shop Fresno. Players can take advantage of our Ready to Play driver, fairway and hybrid shafts. They are built the way you want them. Whether you need your clubs re-shafted or you're looking for new clubs, we have something for everyone. We offer premium quality, high performance heads like Miura and Alpha.