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Golf Clubs

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Guide to Golf Clubs and Brands

Whether you flex your golfing muscle on the weekends or want to play professional, golf clubs will be at the center of the game. No matter how much you have perfected your swing, if you are not using a suitable club then you can’t play good golf. Here, we will discuss some of the finest brands of golf club. We will also touch upon the topic of golf club customization.

Custom-Built Golf Clubs

 Yes, you can use best of the best components in building a golf club that can optimally facilitate your style of game. Shaft, head, and grip are the three main components of any golf club and all of them have their impact on the game.

 By using the combination that suits best your style of game and personality, you can excel among your peers for sure. For instance, you can use any numbered iron club head of your choice with a wood shaft. Similarly, you can also customize your golf club with a grip that provides you the finest handling.

 For instance, synthetic grips are soft on hands but they don’t provide good clutch. In that case, you can replace them with the cord ones, which are durable, provide good grip and suitable for wet weather playing conditions.

 All things considered, customization provides you with an option to infuse the best feature of every type and brand into a single golf club. With our expert customization, you can make the most of a club at Fairway.

 Some Top-Quality Golf Club Brands on the Block


 Epon is a subsidiary of Endo Manufacturing Japan that offers premium golf clubs and mostly irons. Epon golf clubs are best suited if you want to play competitive games. Irons and wedges offered by Epon are known for their thin top-lines and minimal offsets while providing the conventional lofts you expect from any good quality iron.

 It would be rare to find an off-the-shelf Epon club because they want to provide players a customized experienced with their products. Moreover, Epon offers forged clubheads that are manually inspected to ensure the precision they offer. Epon has also introduced a range of customized fairway woods.


 Whether it's cars, watches or golf clubs, handmade items are always considered valuable, and rightly so. Miura golf clubs are really sought-after because they feature this attribute. All Miura golf clubs are handcrafted. Katsuhiro Miura is the craftsman behind this line of golf clubs.

 Since Miura has always preferred quality over quantity, therefore their golf clubs have been consistent with their performance through all these years. Instead of unnecessarily trying out new things, Miura sticks to the traditions of club manufacturing. For this reason, you will find most of the pro golfers using Miura blades, putters or woods.


 If you are looking for a brand that provides a wide range of options of shafts, grips, and clubheads for a customized club, then Alpha should be your pick. You can customize your club from more than 20 options of different parts. Even if you are on a budget, you can get customized Alpha golf clubs.

 Still To Come!

 We custom build golf clubs the way you want them!

If you do not see the combination of heads, shafts, grips, etc. that you want,.. contact us for a quote.

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