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Driver Heads

Driver Heads

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Basics of  Driver Heads

Choosing the right driver heads are one of the most important decisions a player can make. With an increasingly intense focus on gaining drive distance and better accuracy by golfers continually trying to drive like a pro a tremendous amount of customization is offered in drivers. There is more technology for the driver then perhaps any other type of golf heads in development today. This high level of customizing ensures a club setup that best suits the player's particular swing mechanics. Club makers typically focus their attention on five things:

    • loft angle, a factor of launch angle and a balls backspin
    • Offset, which identifies the angle that the club-face has during impact
    • Shaft Flex, which establishes how power is stored then discharged throughout the golfer's swing
    • Club head mass, fine-tunes the head to a players swing
    • Center of mass, also deals with backspin and launch angle